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The Number #1 Social Media Tools and Crypto Mining Equipment Your Best way to Get money and Increase popularity ! Our team working daily to keep you on the top of the latest solutions and tactics to lead the online marketing and mining farms.

It's the only ultimate elixir for all your social media pains, that's why. Life as a social media marketer is difficult. You juggle not one nor two but multiple important tasks, each day, everyday. There are deadlines to meet – personal, professional, and social. There's a nine-to-five job (that we all know is no longer just 9 to 5) at which to excel. There's an ever-growing set of social media marketing tasks to complete. Everyday. Even if you do manage to perform all tasks, it never feels enough, does it? There's always something else that you could have done. Perhaps put up a few more updates, replied to a few more comments, rolled out a few more tests. It never ends! Your to-do list keeps getting longer, and your stress levels keep getting higher. But what can you do? It's not like you can start cutting back on your social media tasks. Not unless you don't mind failing in social media marketing. If only there were an intelligent, nifty tool to perform the repetitive tasks you do, with the same accuracy as you.

All promises and no proof makes BYLIKES a dull online automation tool, right? That's why we've made analytics an integral part of the the BYLIKES suite. Advanced, state-of-the-art tools allow you to set and track key performance metrics, monitor performance, and measure results. Never before has an online marketing automation tool provided so much freedom to manage performance of multiple campaigns. You get to see how well (or not) your campaigns are performing in terms of delivery on platform, customer engagement, customer endorsement, conversions and more. You get to fortify what's working and change what's not working, until every single element of your campaign is performing at par.

The BYLIKES online automation tool suit is delivered via the software-as-a-service module, to boost accessibility and ease. You need no hardware or software downloads. You are limited to no boundaries of time or device. There's just complete freedom to use BYLIKES whenever, wherever you want. Work on your sales or marketing campaigns from anywhere at anytime, using any device. Manage your account from your Windows or Mac PC and laptop, or from your smartphone and tablet. Impressed? Wait until you hear more! BYLIKES interface is agile as well. Every time your sales or marketing strategy and associated tasks outgrow the size of the BYLIKES platform you're working on, you can sign-in to your account and scale. Simple as that! We maintain a fully documented REST API that allows you to scale seamlessly according to your needs, and to automate all you tasks yourself, and your way. Remember when Frankie said he did it his way? With the agile BYLIKES platform, you can do it your way.

BYLIKES lets you focus on the top 20 percent of your managerial tasks, which bring 80 percent of the total firm value (Pareto Principle anyone?). How you ask? By managing all of the non-mission critical tasks, which are important but repetitive and workable. We're talking about finding/curating content, posting/sharing across different platforms, monitoring audience reception, boosting engagement by interacting with and engaging audiences, measuring social media performance and so on. Thanks to the geniuses behind the tool, BYLIKES does it with excellence, expertise, and ease. Free from the worry of performing these repetitive, low-skill tasks, you can now focus wholly on managing projects, employees and other mission-critical aspects of business.

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